New Ross Conservation Club

Club Rules

The New Ross Conservation Club is dedicated to providing a safe environment that protects the club, the natural environment around the club and the community we serve. Please read, understand and abide by all rules when on club property.

The rules in this document apply to activities on New Ross Conservation Club grounds for general member use. Additional rules may apply to specific events. In no cases do these rules supersede local ordinances or state and federal law.

  1. The conduct unbecoming a gentlemean or a lady will not be tolerated on the Clubs property.
  2. Each member is required to carry and to show a current membership card when requested to do so by another member.
  3. parents who bring childern are responsible for keeping them under their immediate and direct supervision at all times.
  4. Members who bring guests are responsible for their guests actions. Their actions (if not that of Club rules) will reflect back on you in the form of Club disciplinary actions.
  5. All personal vehicles should be driven over club road and parking area. If driving on other parts of the club property, please be aware of possible damage that you could cause due to wet ground conditions or damage to nature. No parking or driving on gun range. The speed limit is 10 mph.
  6. Dogs must be tied up or on a leash. As dog owner, you assume all responsibility for your dog.
  7. Open fires are allowed in fire rings in approved areas or grills.
  8. Firewood is restricted to fallen timber. Use of firewood is restricted to Club property. At certain times the Club may have firewood to use for donation fee. No cutting of firewood except by authorized personnel.
  9. No swimming.
  10. No ice skating.
  11. No hunting of anything on Club property.
  12. Don't be a litterbug. Members are required to clean up an area after use.
  13. No discharging of firearms, bows or air rifles except on gun range. See range rules section.
  14. To become a user of the gun range, see the gun range rule section.
  15. Camping is only allowed in designated camp sites. See campting rules section.
  16. No climbing or playing on the gun range backstop.
  17. The clubhouse is available for rent. The fee is $75 with $50 deposit for members and $100 with $75 deposit for non-members. Fishing is not allowed for non-members. For questions about or to rent the club, contact an officer.
  18. Anyone using the clubhouse is repsonsible for the well being of it.
  19. Alcohol is tolerated as long as you are respectful to others and to yourself. If you cannot abide by this rule we will respectfully ask you to leave.
  20. No alcohol at regular club meetings.
  21. Fishing limits are per membership card, not per member. See fishing rules section.
  22. Per insurance policy, a minor is anyone 17 and younger.
  23. Club meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM at the clubhouse.
  24. Any grievance arising shall be brought to the attention of the club officer in charge at the time or at a meeting.
  25. Just as ignorance of the law is not a defense, neither is ignorance of club rules.
  26. Changes in rules, contact information and other Club business will be posted in the clubhouse and the Northeast window, under the porch, of the clubhouse.
  27. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a temporary or permanent loss of club membership.

Camping Rules

  1. Camping is allowed in designated spots only. The campsites are as follows:

    1 - is on East side of the South pond
    2 - is on the West side of the North pond
    3 - on the Northeast side of the North pond
    4 - on the North side of the North pond (tents only).

    There should be a picnic table and fire ring at each location.
  2. Camping spots are on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. No unattended camp spots are permitted. A trip to town or church is fine, but not to reserve a spot for a later date.
  4. Fires are only allowed in fire rings.
  5. Fires should be put out when the camp is unattended.
  6. Whatever you bring into the club, take home with you. This includes your trash!
  7. A reasonable donation for camping is requested.
  8. No nails or screws are to be put into trees.
  9. Firewood to burn is restricted to fallen timber, club pre-cut firewood (for a donation), or your own.
  10. Don't be a litterbug. Remember to always leave a camp site better than you found it.
  11. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a temporary or permanent loss of club membership.

Club Specific Gun & Range Rules

  1. No alcohol or previous consumption of alcohol is allowed on the gun range at any time.
  2. Any member wishing to use the range must be certified by a range officer and sign the appropriate waiver forms.
  3. If there is more than one person on your membership card (family), each eligible member must also be certified by a range officer and sign the appropriate waiver forms to use the range.
  4. All certified shooting members must have their stamped membership card with them while using the range.
  5. Shooting is allowed within the designated range only.
  6. Non-members present during an open or public shoot must be trained by a Range Officer and sign the current waiver form.
  7. The firing line will be 60 yards from the back-stop. The firing line will be identified by a red post. No firing behind or in front of the firing line.
  8. When a Range Officer is present he or she is in control of the range at an event shoot.
  9. Minors 17 and younger must be accompanied by an adult member with a shooters stamp or a non-member with a shooters badge (event shoots) and have the appropriate waiver forms signed by their parent or guardian.
  10. Always make sure no one is behind the back stop before shooting.
  11. The shooting table must stay at the firing line.
  12. No firearm is ever to be loaded until cleared by the range officer at the firing line. (open/event shoots)
  13. All firearms are to be in an open chamber condition when not shooting.
  14. All muzzles MUST BE pointed in a safe direction when not firing at a target.
  15. No horseplay or improper use of firearms at any time.
  16. When entering or exiting the gun range all firearms must be unloaded.
  17. No shooting from the hip, no full auto shooting or simulated full auto (bump) shooting allowed.
  18. No center fire rifles of .50 cal. or larger permitted. Deer slugs fired from a shotgun barrel are permitted.
  19. Muzzle loaders of any cal. must be loaded at least 6 (six) feet behind the firing line. No flint or cap can be placed until in control of the firing line.
  20. No shooting of clay pigeons.
  21. No incendiary rounds, tracers, glass targets or tin/aluminum/steel cans. Paper targets and club supplied targets only. Please clean up your targets and other materials before you leave. This includes any wood or other target supporting materials. Please don't leave us a mess to clean up.
  22. Try to pick up all of your spent shells. The shells are hard on the lawn mower.
  23. Ground level targets must be set so that a bullet will not strike flat ground before the backstop. No target shall be placed outside of the shooting box.
  24. Range hours will be 8 AM or daylight to 8 PM or dusk Monday-Saturday and Noon to 8 PM or dusk Sunday.
  25. All local ordinances and state and federal laws concerning the possesion, use and handling of firearms must be strictly obeyed. It is the shooters responsibility to know the ordinances and laws.
  26. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a temporary or permanent loss of Club membership.

Fishing Rules

  1. Fishing shall be limited to members, member's spouse/significant other, member's children (22 years old and younger and continuously enrolled in school), grandchildren 14 and younger and disabled dependent children/grandchildren in members care.
  2. Guests may fish with a member if the member has purchased a guest card.
  3. Fish limits are per membership card, not per person.
  4. Sorting of fish is not allowed.
  5. No more than two poles per person.
  6. No live minnows or gold fish may be used for bait.
  7. No frog hunting.
  8. No boats or floatation devices are allowed on the ponds.
  9. No dumping of fish from other ponds, lakes or streams in to the Club ponds.
  10. Bag and size limits will be posted in the Northeast window of the clubhouse.
  11. All Indiana state fishing rules apply at the Club.
  12. Members must have a valid Indiana fishing license to fish at the Club.
  13. If you happen to catch a grass carp, please try not to harm it and be sure to return it to the pond.
  14. Ice fishing is allowed and all of these same rules apply.
  15. if possible, practice catch and release. It will grow on you.
  16. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a temporary or permanent loss of club membership.

On occassion, some members have inadvertently found themselves doing certain things that are in conflict with the best interests of your Club. To help prevent such embarrassments, the Board of Directors, Club Officers and Members have approved these rules that pertain to the New Ross Conservation Club. Any infraction of the rules and rules of good sportsmanship may be cause for revoking of membership and/or other disciplinary action. Considering the varied uses of the Club grounds available to the membership, these rules are really few in number. These rules only emphasize specific points, in most instances; common sense should tell us how we should be able to enjoy our club.

New Ross Conservation Club - 6187 S 900 E - New Ross, IN 47968